Lord Vino’s “Something Light” is a ready made hit that doesn’t take itself too seriously

"Too much sauce in the system"

You probably haven’t noticed, but the game has changed. The objective when artists put out music nowadays is not just to blow (that is implied at this point) but to be the first to start a new music trend. Everyone is trying to craft a new “Skin Tight” or stumble on the next “Mad Over You”, a slight deviation from the in-demand sound that turns an artist into a household name and inspires a new wave of copycat singles. Competition is good, but it can get unhealthy when it is spurred entirely by the prospect of quick fame. Rapper Vino isn’t at all about that life on his new single “Something Light”. He’s just here to have fun.

Capping just shy of three minutes, “Something Light” is practically a ditty but Lord Vino manages to pack a whole punch of playful punchlines and two full sixteen bars on a ramped up instrumental with understated synth melodies and a frenetic guitar riff. He channels the Black British grime scene, peppering his quick wit bars with British slang and quips, yet his Nigerian roots and influences are front and centre, complete with puns about the ‘Yoruba Demon’ urban fantasy and a casual mention of personal affiliations to Naija rap legend M.I.

But the song never gets too serious, and that’s why it works. Because you never expect it, Lord Vino’s genius hits you out of nowhere and leaves you amused and very impressed.

Listen to “Something Light” here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Lordvino

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