How Accurate Are Our Favorite Movie Medical Scenes?

But does it really matter if the scene is cool?

We learn a lot more from films than we sometimes like to admit. However, with medical scenes, it’s hard to figure what to take seriously—Like that one scene from “Grey’s Anatomy”, where selfies were taken with a patient’s with unusual amount of worms in his abdomen. To answer these questions, WIRED brought in a general surgery resident named Annie Onishi to examine 49 scripted scenes and tell us what is accurate, a fail and could potentially land the character in jail if it were real life.

For instance, the famous adrenaline shot scene in “Pulp Fiction” is mildly accurate and apparently, “Grey’s Anatomy” has broken legal and medical rules more than a few times.

Check out the rest of Annie Onishi’s verdict in this video where she takes on 49 famous medical scenes:

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