Watch Phyno and Tekno in the video for their love serenading track, “Iwa”

Phyno has released the official music video of “Iwa”, which he released earlier this week on Nigeria’s Independence day. In the post, we appreciated Phyno for his signature use of poetic Igbo lines, his play on words and good humour. The video, shot and directed by Clarence Peters, finds Phyno and Tekno actually serenading their love interests in separate scenes  —which is in essence what the song’s lyrics is about. The visual storyline for “Iwa” is easily digestible, beginning with the happy moments the two share with their love interests, but it lasts for a very fleeting period as their infatuation dissolves into a visible white wind that signals the entrance of Clarence Shot It signature, reminding yet again, to the exclusion of all that has happened, that this at most, just a music video.

Watch Phyno’s “Iwa” featuring Tekno below.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/PhynoVevo

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Phyno’s “Iwa” ft Tekno is a reminder of how poetic Nigerian languages are

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