Vader's "Ghosted" plays out the rapper's darkest fantasies - The Native

Vader’s “Ghosted” plays out the rapper’s darkest fantasies

Different artists have employed several gimmicks to portray the hostilities of their reality in the music they make. On Vader’s latest single, “Ghosted”, he imagines a chaotic universe where he’s the hero and the villain, rapping over a synth-heavy beat that pulsates with a haunting aura that fits his dry vocals.

“And now these niggas tryna play me/ It’s all games till I come out spraying/ And now these girls tryna save me/ I just get me a blunt and tell the baby I’m ghosted”, he raps, delivering vivid imagery in each line with graceful control. Though the beat further embellishes the chaos in the world he imagines, it’s his confidence and composure that works the magic to make Vader’s “Ghosted” so compelling.

Listen below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/thelastsithlord

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