Timzil passionately sings of resurgence on new song, “On My Way (Run)”

Even though he currently occupies the more obscure parts of the Nigerian music space, Timzil is slowly building a reputation for bringing profundity to whatever he’s singing about. Following the release of his impressive 2018 EP, ‘WiFi and a Dream’, the singer-songwriter has just shared his first single of this year, “On My Way (Run)”, reflecting the improving hallmarks of his abilities.

Echoing the popular sentiment that it is how we rise from adversity that defines us, Timzil’s new song is a stirring anthem of resurgence, and by extension, of hope for a brighter future. “Wan wa mi, wan le mi [they are looking for me and chasing me], but dem no fit break me”, he passionately sings, his elastic melody and raspy voice simply adorned by sombre piano keys and strings. “On My Way” isn’t narratively focused for embellishments, rather leaning into Timzil’s pointed declarations for striking, poignant effect.

Listen to Timzil on “On My Way” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/timzil_

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