Nnabu is at his most enjoyable and accessible peak on new single, “It Go Bad”

‌Nnabu’s 2014 debut tape showed off his keen ear for staying on trendy popular sounds, and the r&b songs the project housed piqued the interest of his fellow college student back in America. After this, he then expanded his horizon with follow up releases, “Bombshelter” and “Ocean Baby”, which proved that he could bridge his cultural roots with his pop influences in the way he does today. Having discovered the allure of mixing his regional styles, the American-based Nigerian singer is back with a new single, “It Go Bad”, a romantically Afropop song about getting to know your partner.

Afropop has one golden rule it requires of listeners; get dancing. While it’s not an easy request to make in 2020 following the pandemic-induced self-isolation, which has prevented people going to the clubs, Nnabu is confident in his sound as “It Go Bad” plays out as his most enjoyable and accessible peak. His cool and soulful voice rides the airy Afropop instrumentals, as he addresses his lover with the expert penmanship, whilst the use of pidgin English and patios inflections add to the song’s dancehall credibility.

Singing “It go bad if we no make heaven”, Nnabu won’t be blindsided by a romance that has resulted in a rare moment of dance-ready Afropop. “It Go Bad” is a peek at the direction Nnabu is heading with his coming project, ‘Modern Age’ and we’re looking forward to seeing what more the project has to offer.

Stream “It Go Bad” below.

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