Listen To Wasalu’s EDM Remix Of MYV’s “Gold Digger”

While the initial idea behind remixing was contrived as a way to increase or improve a song’s commercial performance, the popularity of DIY, electronic production techniques have made it easier for just about anyone to drastically reinterpret any song they wish to. Lagos-based producer, Wasalu has just put out a new song, a no-frills EDM remix of MYV’s “Gold Digger” single from last year.

While the original song melded Afropop melodies with contemporary R&B-styled production, Wasalu, in typical EDM remix fashion, increases the tempo, speeding up MYV’s vocals and the main piano riff, and throwing in a mix of heavy, fast-paced synths and percussions. With his remix, Wasalu turns a mopey love song about a lover only attracted to materialistic possession, into a dance-ready club song.

You can listen to Wasalu’s remix of “Gold Digger” below.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram/Wasalu_

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