Kuami Eugene, Darkovibes and Kwesi Arthur make DJ Breezy's Back 2 Sender

Kuami Eugene, Darkovibes and Kwesi Arthur make DJ Breezy’s “Back 2 Sender”

In DJ Breezy’s latest track “Back 2 Sender”, featured artists, Kuami Eugene, Darkovibes and Kwesi Arthur are cocky about their place in the game. The ethos of three artists is both a pitch for staying in your own lane and living your best life, so it’s no surprise the trio are in a default offence mode. “1, 2, 3, badman don’t cross my lane”, Kuami Eugene sings, on the DJ Breezy synth-produced instrumentals. Kwesi Arthur’s presence is felt by way of a verse that segues into the appearance of La Meme Gang frontline man, Darkovibes.

The accompanying video for “Back 2 Sender” also provides a little more context with an opening sequence featuring all three artists facing a mob of cameras and microphones. Elsewhere, all three artists, including their host DJ Breezy, are in high spirits as a bottle of champagne froths from Darkovibe’s hands as he sings “living life, la vida Loca”

Check out “Back to Sender” below:

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