Goldkeyz continues stellar 2019 run with new single, “Mr. Loving”

Goldkeyz has built a reputation for silently dropping gems, with each release displaying his growing power as a music maker and collaborator. The producer kicked off the year with his definitive project, ‘Bloom’, pulling in lengthy cast of assists from artists like Minz, Ogranya, Barelyanyhook and more. A month after releasing “Secret”, a honest and lilting song with singer Ilaye, he most recently put out “Mr. Loving”, this time with vocals from Ayo Folarin and Lefty.

Mixing a cloudy piano chord progression, intermittent blaring horns and folksy local percussions, Goldkeyz weaves a gently groovy instrumental arrangement, showing off his knack for lightweight but composite production, and also accentuate the romantic sentiments his featured guests express. Ayo Folarin sings the hook and the first verse in a charming mix of pidgin English and Yoruba, while Lefty chips in with a superb rapped verse, his gruff voice conveying the seriousness of the song’s pining centre: “Please don’t break my heart”.

Listen to Goldkeyz’ “Mr. Loving” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/Goldkeyz

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