Rho is both charming and cutting on reggae inspired single, "Black Dress" - The Native

Rho is both charming and cutting on reggae inspired single, “Black Dress”

They say your closest friends will make your worst enemies, but can you imagine what sort of enemies lovers would make. Rho’s new single, “Black Dress”, offers some insight into the romantic roughhouse, channelling Reggae’s lightweight melodies and taking it into rougher and darker territories. The mellow guitar led beat, produced with bouncy drum riffs, percussion harmonies and horns provide an outlet for her to highlight the staggering emotional and physical trauma of an abusive relationship.“I’d Pray For Your Soul From Prison Cause It’s Gon Be Hard to Run”, she sings, a show of both the good and the darker side of the romantic coin.

In the statement attached with the single, Rho tells us: “The objective of this song is to provide an opportunity for society to discuss an issue that is a growing concern. Lots of women in relationships are abused in one form or the other and have somehow been conditioned to accept and live with it. No one should have to live with that; not women, not men, and definitely not children.” You can hear the outrage in her vocals as she takes sharp shots at the lover as she threatens coolly singing, “This Is The Night You Pay”.

You can stream “Rho’s “Black Dress” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/catchrho

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