WSTRNS “love struck” is the realistic, dark depiction of love we like to see

featuring Mr Eazi and Tiwa Savage

Love is a beautiful thing. Or so everyone claims. Nobody seems to have an explanation for the sinking feeling in your belly when you think about ‘the one’. What does ‘the one ‘ even mean anyway?

Whether you’d rather stick with the little child flying around on ropes (which must be super uncomfortable by the way. Child labor much?) shooting darts version or the realistic, can hurt sometimes to look at the object of your affection and realise that they or you might never be enough, we love love.

WSTRNS’ “love struck” featuring Eazi and Tiwa Savage is them recounting how they all feel when they are in love. With a performative dark and broody video, all the artists pull major vibes to the song, making the idea of losing all sense of right and wrong where one person is concerned, all the more endearing. Tiwa Savage somehow manages to make the show all about her, what with the ‘I’m cool enough to make you want to learn to shaku-shaku vibe’ and we do get a peek at the Eazi we loved before social media told us we had to pick sides based on principle.

Watch “love Struck” here;