Surf Ghana bring surf and skate to the Gold Coast

Break out your skate boards Ghana.

It is somewhat surprising that alternative sports are only starting to gain mainstream attention in West Africa, considering just how much western influence has on us, especially those of us who were born in the age of the internet. But thankfully communities are growing around these singular interests like Waffles’N’Cream in Nigeria and Surf Ghana in Ghana.

Surf Ghana’s growing community of skaters and surfers making the whole regions in Ghana ask questions. The question on everybody’s lips is: Who is this skating and surf collective that came together to promote skateboarding and surfing in Ghana, with connections in Accra, Takoradi, Paris and London? It is unheard of. Surf Ghana is spanking new, fresh, and, there is no story as to why it was created, it is just something founded on  passion for an art that cannot be touched but can be felt deep inside, and they plan to bring light and a new way of life to any community in any region in Ghana they find themselves in. More than an association, surf Ghana is a family that works together in giving young adults an opportunity to learn something new that gives them a positive outlook on life, a means to achieve new goals and a firm grasp on a dream they can easily achieve.

I first linked up with Surf Ghana at the Chale Wote Festival where they had an art exhibition with twenty-three artists selected from the UK, France and Ghana to paint on deck strips for an Exhibition at the Brazil House.

Prior to the Chale Wote Festival, Surf Ghana already had an inception event at the Asa Baako festival and the community at large received it with open arms. They are fast on the rise. Yesterday, 16th of September 2017, Surf Ghana began “Skating league SB” An event where skaters were given a minute to ride around doing stunts to earn points. The first event took place at trade-fair and it was a showdown. See photos here:

Surf Ghana

Words by Nofstnme