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The Shuffle: 2Baba’s recent Twitter rant recalls the resilience he preached for his “No Shaking” years

Music bands can be a lot like romantic relationships. People meet, sparks fly and, hopefully, magic is made. Some of these relationships end quickly. Some last for decades, and some end in a flurry of flying fists, strong words and misguided solo projects. The Early 2000s R&B boy band, Plantashun Boiz, fall into the latter.

The group was formed in 2000 after their feature on Tony Tetuila’s “Omode Meta”. The popularity of the single led to the birth of their debut album Body And Soul in 2000. Three years later,  Sold Out, hit the stores, sealing the groups place as the ‘new age’ sound of Nigerian mainstream music at the time. Plantinshun Boiz initial success benefited from the success of similarly successful groups like Westlife, Nsync and Boys II Men.

The group went on to become nationwide sensations in Nigeria. But after years of growth, reflection and perhaps regret, 2Baba and Blackface are still not over the ominous split of the group. Particularly, between the group’s founding members, 2face and BlackFace.

The opposite trajectory their careers took after “African Queen” (Which Blackface claims to have written) became 2Face’s stepping stone into a relatively succesful career. Though Blackface’s frustration could be better directed at the music industry’s lack of appreciation for songwriters, 2Face has gotten the worst of his backlash over the years, some of which culminated several attempts by the singer to pacify his former bandmate, Blackface with many failed reconciliations. In fact, the two alongside Faze, managed to patch things up in 2007 for Plantainshun Boiz’ come back project, Plan B. But the underwhelming quality and low public acceptance failed to make the project a turning point in 2face and Blackface’s toxic relationship. Perhaps this why it is almost unsurprising that the singer took to social media to vent following BlackFace’s slanderous appearance on Loose Talk where the singer bashed 2Baba’s single, “Holy Holy” and re-hashed some of his copyright accusations against the “African Queen” singer.

In all the years since 2face’s solo career has been in top-flight, 2face has handled negativity with the cadence of a man who has mastered how to navigate the constant incandescence of the celebrity life. These grand accusations from BlackFace however, certainly did the trick to finally piss him off. In a sense the anger towards BlackFace’s disposition is justified because it runs contrary to the ethos of 2baba’s No Shaking, the lead single off Grass2Grace, following his initial solo split from Plantashun Boiz. On the track, 2face makes a rallying cry for honest hard work and being busy.

At the end of what later became of earliest iterations of mordern Afropop, 2face bookends the track with a universal knowledge on the final note that: ‘you gotta realise say, it’s all man for himself’. It’s been nearly thirteen years since Plantashun Boiz split, and BlackFace still seems to be holding on to the spoils of his time with a former colleague turned, most successful artist of his era. The lingering question on anyone’s mind right now should be, how much of a man’s circumstance is created by simply not taking control of his life? After all, Faze had and still has a fair nostalgic relevance despite also being a valuable third to the Plantunshun Boiz like BlackFace.

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