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Nigeria doesn’t need another PSquare

Great news, the DNA Twins, alums of several Nigerian music reality shows and most recently finalists on Airtel’s The Voice just got signed to Don Jazzy’s Super Mavin Dynasty records. S.M.D is arguably the biggest and most successful independent record label in the country and the twins having the privilege of leveraging such influence to promote their careers is an opportunity most people only dream about. Now that the signing is done, the hard work begins, and it has to start with the DNA twins and their brand image.

Don Jazzy and Super Mavin Dynasty has a peculiar history of encouraging its acts to model themselves as exponentially younger than they really are, so they can appeal to teenage audiences with a lot of purchasing power and not much to do. This tack worked quite well for Korede Bello, helping him build his ‘Bellover’ fanbase who have stuck with him for three years with no album. While the DNA twins might be tempted to try and replicate this, they have been in the spotlight for too long for any image revamps to work successfully.

While there are many ways to solidify the DNA duo’s brand, two things are obvious: the boys need to hire a stylist and wardrobe consultant and it is time to ease up on the twin act. As the DNA twins, the boys have largely stripped themselves of any individual personalities, even going as far as dressing identically to reinforce their ‘twinness’. Now that they have the marketing might of Mavin behind them, and with their first single suggesting that Don Jazzy wants to steer their sound in a distinctly high-life direction, they can no longer appeal exclusively to cuteness. They will have to embrace a more Nigerian aesthetic and because of the aso-ebi culture in Nigeria, each brother will have to work with a stylist to develop a distinct look. They can’t go the urban route either, PSquare has all but dominated that aesthetic and show no signs of relinquishing it. We most definitely don’t need another PSquare.

A good example of how to go about his would be the Quann sisters.

Cipriana and Takenya Quann

American sisters Cipriana and Takenya have parlayed their twinness into a million dollar brand, offering two distinct but complementary brands to the public. As their profile as grown, both sisters have embraced their individual identities more fiercely allowing their physical similarities work as the bridge between their distinct styles. This approach to branding is the one the DNA twins must take if they want to double their fanbases and remain interesting to their audiences without losing themselves in the process.

The DNA Twins have one hell of a branding opportunity before them, hopefully they don’t fuck it up.

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