Listen To Tonton Raymond’s Debut Single, “Love is Loss”

echoes Amy Winehouse’s immortal sentiment that love is a losing game

The external exigencies, outside being in love, that mar the long term potentials of a romantic relationship, can leave the losing party disappointed at best, and dejected at worst. Either way, the futility of such situations echoes Amy Winehouse’s immortal sentiment that love is a losing game, and the narratives Abuja-based rapper Tonton Raymond lays out on his debut single, “Love is Loss”, adds more evidence to support that dour outlook.

Set at the wedding ceremony of a former flame, Tonton reminisces on their past relationship with a bittersweet perspective on the first verse, detailing good times shared in the past and present regrets. While on the second verse, he unsuccessfully attempts to win reciprocity from a new crush, citing limiting circumstances like his insufficient financial capacities, as hurdles. Accentuating Tonton’s suave cadence, Mon Lee puts together an immaculate backdrop, comprising jazzy piano riffs and mildly thumping boom bap drums. Being his very first release, “Love is Loss” highlights the nascent rapper’s impressive pen game and interesting nous for storytelling.

Stream Tonton Raymond’s “Love is Loss” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/Tonton_Raymond