Kano is set to star in Daniel Kaluuya’s new film, ‘The Kitchen’

Coming to Netflix in 2023

British actor Daniel Kaluuya has announced his first feature film as a writer. Yesterday the ‘Get Out’ star revealed that production for ‘The Kitchen’ is already underway and the film will explore “a future where the gap between the rich and the poor has been stretched to its limits,” according to the official announcement.


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In an Instagram post, Kaluuya revealed that the film has been eight years in the making, imprinted in his mind ever since his discovery in a barbershop that kids were getting paid £200 for executing million pound heists. The setting of the titular ‘kitchen’ evokes the street life of a near-future London slum, a place which tests the mental and moral strength of its inhabitants.

Already, Kaluuya’s ‘The Kitchen’ has tapped into some of Britain’s most talented actors including Top Boy’s Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson who plays Izi, and newcomer Jedaiah Bannerman who plays 12-year-old Benji. Together the pair “battle to survive in a system that is stacked against them”.

‘The Kitchen’ is co-written with Joe Murtagh, who is renowned for his work on dramas such as ‘American Animals’ and ‘Gangs of London’. Kibwe Tavares makes his debut as feature director, though he’s previously worked alongside Kaluuya on the Sundance-nominated short movie Jonah alongside production by Dan Emmerson through collaboration with Kaluuya’s production company 59%, DMC Film, Film 4 and Netflix, where it will show upon release in 2023.

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