Flavour reclaims his mojo and embraces his sex symbol-hood for “Catch You” Video

Took him long enough

Flavour already put out two consecutive videos, promoting singles from his recently released album, Ijele – The Traveler. While very interesting, they failed to gain traction with most Flavour fans. At least not as much as his new hot-off-the-cutting-floor video for “Catch You”. Though “Virtuous Woman” was set in a church wedding and “Baby Na Yoka” with a more festive Caribbean theme, those videos were lacking the most important ingredient in a viral flavour video; sensual shots of his oiled up shirtless body.


“Catch You” is one of the tracks from the album that features Flavour’s archetypal sexual innuendos. Sesan directs, inspired by the sexual context of the tracks. The video is shot in a studio where Flavour shows off his tattoos and toned muscles. He is accompanied by a model who also takes her clothes off throwing lustful glances at the camera as she rubs baby oil over her skin. Both appear naked from the waist up and though that might come off as offensive to some viewers, it’s refreshing to watch a video where booty isn’t referenced.

I don’t know if anyone is still keeping count of Flavour’s simulated make out sessions but “Catch You” is an addition to that long list. Bathed in blue and red light suggestive of the red light district, he locks lips with his love interest in a video chock full of not very subtle sexual metaphors. Nothing like watching a woman deep throat a banana to remind just exactly whose video you’re watching.

Flavour for d gyals dem.

Watch Flavour’s “Catch You” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Official Flavour

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