Hear DaRe and Tim LyRe on “AnotheR Planet”

Featuring IDRis King

There’s something about exploring synthesizer that feels so otherworldly, it inspires songs like “AnotheR Planet”, DaRe, Tim LyRe and IDRis King’s new single. “AnotheR Planet” has all the trappings of quintessential indie-pop; Keen lyrics, sprightly drums, and a wistful chorus about a psychedelic date that never happens. For the beat, DaRe produces a slow building synth led beat full of sloshing and dripping movement that give off an ethereal ambiance. But the grubby basslines and hard drum loops ground the song in reality. Tim LyRe packs lyrics musing about the trips he’d catch with their love interest, but Idris King delivers bars with a broad grin etched across his face. His reference of Rick and Morty further emphasize the song’s dreamy outlook.

Listen to “AnotheR Planet” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/darekasali

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