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Breaking Down Dammy Krane VS TapJets, The Credit Card Scam and Long Years Imprisonment

Wealth (or the illusion of it) is a recurring theme in Nigeian music. Like prosperity churches and ponzi schemes, Nigerian musicians have figured out that decades of corruption, oppression by successive governments and a get rich quick mentality has made the average Nigerian extra receptive to anything aspirational. For the artist looking to go mainstream and unwilling to go the ‘aspirational wealth’ route in their music; the only other options are pseudo religious themes, or mild social justice warrior-ing. Dammy Krane may have started out that way with singles like “Amin” but somewhere along the way, he decided to change tack. He followed the money and found. Or so it appeared.

“My Dear” forced listeners to pay attention to the singing sensation but after his subsequent releases failed to get the same commercial reception, many wrote off the Hypertek Digital artist as a one-hit wonder. Though some of the blame for his Enterkraner album tanking goes to his label’s lack of faith and poor promotion, he decided to redeem his image himself. And like the up-coming artist he has remained for years, he looked to already established artists for help.

His latest attempt at a hit was “Izzue” featuring Davido but again the single didn’t last past its initial hype. At the time the video was released last year, Dammy Krane didn’t even have a dedicated YouTube account independent of his label. After DMW pushed the video past the one million views mark, it didn’t take long before Dammy Krane created his own account suggesting his displeasure at his label and perhaps his ambition to buy himself out of his Hypertek and 960Music deal.

Davido is loaded and some will even go as far as saying his wealth is largely responsible for his commercial success since it allows him interact with fans on levels that fosters a strong following on social media. But Davido’s wealth is old money, it bestows a kind of creative recklessness that someone like Dammy Krane simply can’t afford. This is where Sauce Kid came in. Sure he spent a lot of time in the US and his occasional music projects are guaranteed to generate media buzz but none of that explained how lavish he was living. Of course he would go on to be arrested for credit card fraud but not before chilling with Dammy Krane and impacting some street knowledge on how “to splurge on em”. While we don’t assume to know what transpired between both artists for sure, it’s odd how just a few weeks after their meeting, Dammy Krane gets arrested for a similar credit card crime.

TapJet, a private jet licensing service, tweeted that the singer was reportedly caught using a stolen credit card to board one of their private jets, throwing Nigeria’s media heads into a frenzy. The accusation backed up by pictures of Dammy Krane’s flamboyant exploits on said jet seemed to corroborate their claim. But Dammy Krane or one of his handlers hasn’t quite refuted this, but cryptically suggested that there are sides of this whole fiasco that we aren’t privy to. But so far, it looks really bad for him.

While all obvious indications point towards Dammy Krane being guilty and headed for a jail sentencing, it’s odd that of the two arrested suspects, TapJet ignored Ilochonwu Chukwuebuka Gabriel and only mentioned Dammy Krane in their tweet. But what’s worse is the fact that he can still tweet confidently through what he calls a “Weird situation”, making the whole thing stink of a publicity stunt. Sadly, resulting to a publicity stunt of this magnitude to boast media reach isn’t that much of a leap from being a fraudster.

A more plausible explanation however is that Dammy Krane merely booked the jet through a questionable third party. That would explain the second suspect and why Dammy Krane is still confident enough to publicly protest his innocence. But his tweets don’t exactly deny or confirm anything so we are still left with a developing story. It will be interesting to see if indeed Dammy Krane has fallen victim to a scam or if he is the scammer. Either ways, celebrities need to be more careful about the lifestyles they showoff online because they play role model to youth and a pseudo-wealthy image will only lead to frustration when they find out it’s all a facade.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/dammykraneofficial

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