Bs links up with Odunsi The Engine and Abu on “Bomber”

So many vocal heavyweights, still...

We have a boner for Ghanaian producer Kuvie, we won’t even lie. He has proved himself one of the most consistent producers this side of the continent, cross pollinating genres and leaving behind a string of hits in Ghana and Nigeria. He might have a new one on his hands in Ghanaian rapper Bs’s new single “Bomber”.

“Bomber” is one of three singles Bs has dropped this year, each one a different sub genre of the afrobeat/hiplife wave. That’s the kind of massive push that makes you sit up and take notice, but Bs is content with putting out that much music He also crosses the border to enlist the vocal stylings of Nigerian neo-afrobeat sensation Odunsi The Engine, as well as singer Abu, with additional vocal work by Spacely and Darkovibes. As such, it’s a bit weird that the song is quite underwhelming vocally, and doesn’t really deviate from the conventional afropop vocal format. Save for the backing vocals and the accents and delivery styles, it’s hard to distinguish who exactly is singing what. But Kuvie more than makes up for it with a sick island beat and traditional wooden drum beats providing hard to miss percussive accents.

The song comes to a modest two minutes, fifty five of pure island vibes and will definitely find its way into DJ set lists and party playlists; it’s a great introduction for Bs, but not everyone else.

Listen to “Bomber” here.

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