AMKMQ unveils her new collection ‘Say What You Mean’

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After letting us into her multimedia world where she’s constantly debating gender and purity politics and wowing us in the latest Mowalola campaign for her designer handbags, 21-year-old creative and activist AMKMQ is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Today she is unveiling her second collection titled ‘Say What You Mean: Do What You Say’, a collection of unisex tops and tees – a colourful concoction of carefreeness, sex appeal, and confidence. Created with black women in mind, each piece can still be worn by every and anyone who wishes to feel good in them, whether that’s at a summer picnic or a protest.

This year has been incredibly difficult for everyone collectively, but even more so for black people and black women around the world who are constantly consuming horrific news about misogynoir, racism, and sex and gender-based violence.

That’s why in a bid to contribute to the fight against the injustices that women face in society, AMKMQ is giving a portion of the proceeds raised from her collection at the end of the summer to the Mirabel Center, one of the organisations tackling sex-based injustices in Nigeria.

Speaking to the NATIVE about the collection, AMKMQ shared:

“The ‘Say What You Mean’ Collection is a culmination of every emotion I’ve weathered the past four months of lockdown – both as a black woman and as an individual in this world. It’s been a lot, for ALL of us at that. The excesses of the world seem to have finally begun to keel over, and there has been so much pain and destruction that has come from that. Collectively.
But with every form of destruction comes a form of rebirth (if you let it). I’ve realized that during this lockdown. Every time I have come apart, I have put myself back together. And now, every time I choose to use my voice to speak up for what I believe in, I know I’m saying exactly what I mean.
In a world that has been continuously revealed to be built on dishonesty, greed, and deception, I have never felt it more pertinent for people to speak from their hearts and act with their chests than I do at this moment. It is time to make a choice. It is finally time to say exactly what we mean, and there’s no escaping that. And I’m very happy to be a part of that.”

The collection will be available at 8 pm today here.

Featured image credits/AMKMQ

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